February 2012 Newsletter

February 23, 2012:

ASCRS and AAO Issue Guideline on Femtosecond Laser Cataract Surgery Billing

The ASCRS and the AAO have weighed in on billing for laser-assisted cataract surgery procedures, setting limits on upcharges for using the technology.

February 23, 2012:

Demand for Disposable Instruments Fuels Growth in the Global Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments Market

Growth in the global market in ophthalmic surgical instruments will be fueled by increased demand for disposable instruments.

February 23, 2012:

US Refractive Surgery Climbs 5.5 Percent in Q4-2011

In 2011’s fourth quarter, US demand for refractive surgery grew at a rate that remained somewhat modest. However, we expect the year-over-year rate of growth to reach double digits in the first quarter of 2012.

February 23, 2012:

US IVT Injection Tally Surged Nearly 20 Percent Higher in Q4-2011 as Vitrectomies Held Steady

US IVT injections continued to climb in Q4-2011 at a rate of nearly 20 percent as vitrectomy volume held steady, laser photocoagulations declined, and PDT procedures increased from a very low tally in Q4-2010.

February 23, 2012:

Corporate Laser Centers Grow in Global Importance

Corporate laser center play an increasingly important role in providing services and creating an efficient market.

February 23, 2012:

February 2012 News Briefs

This month's news includes the latest from Mobius Therapeutics, Thrombogenics, Neovista, Genentech, Valeant Pharmaceuticals , Eyetech, Bausch & Lomb, Topcon and Roche.

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