June 2012 Newsletter

June 8, 2012:

US Refractive Surgery Climbs 6.8 Percent in Q1-2012

Q1-2012 US refractive surgeries continued to trend upward, though performance was mixed, and forecasts are fluctuating.

June 8, 2012:

US IOL Procedures Climb 5.2 Percent in Q1-2012

Q1-2012 US IOL procedure volume grew more briskly than in recent years, climbing 5.2 percent.

June 8, 2012:

2012 ARVO Offers Heady Insights into Current & Future Eye Treatments

ARVO met in Fort Lauderdale for the last scheduled time and offered a full agenda of present-day ophthalmic concerns and future treatment potentials. Topics included:

More on Anti-VEGFs
Investigational Drugs
Drug Delivery
Retinal Prostheses
Gene Therapy
Regenerative Medicine
Keynote Talk

June 8, 2012:

One-Year Results from IVAN & Two-Year Results from CATT Find Lucentis & Avastin Equivalent

Reports from IVAN & CATT studies confirm equivalency of Lucentis and Avastin.

June 8, 2012:

Global IOL Growth Forecast at 6.5 Percent Annually through 2017

Global revenue share for premium IOLs is expected to grow to nearly half of revenue for all IOLs over the next five years.

June 8, 2012:

June 2012 News Briefs

This month's news include the latest from Novartis, Bayer Yakuhin, Santen Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., Oraya Therapeutics, Inc., Hoya Surgical Optics Inc., Bausch + Lomb, and Abott Medical Optics.

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