Geographic Market Assessment

Market Scope offers a variety of geographically based assessments designed to evaluate market potential. These include demographic analysis, competitive analysis, and analysis of market potential for ophthalmic services. We bring together several approaches to these analysis (demographic information such as population, age, ethnicity, and income levels; market cluster analysis; epidemiology; and our own patient database) to estimate and forecast demand for refractive and cataract surgery in specific market areas. Examples of projects include:

Evaluation of metro areas to determine potential for new laser centers.

Benchmarking market share and market potential for a combination refractive and cataract practice.

Establishing performance targets by metropolitan area for a corporate laser center company.

Coming soon

2018 Ophthalmic Laser Report: A Global Market Analysis for 2017 to 2023 (Photocoagulation, Photodisruption, and SLT