Robust Growth in the Retina Pharmaceuticals & Biologics Market Expected

January 7, 2016: By Market Scope

Market revenues for retinal pharmaceuticals and biologics are expected to reach $16.5 billion in 2020 at a compounded annual growth rate of 12 percent, according to Market Scope estimates. New therapeutics with added effect or time-release features are expected to power this growth. Other factors driving demand include a rise in obesity and diabetic populations, a rapidly growing elderly population, and improved access to advanced medical technology.

Market Scope estimates that more than 296 million people suffer from some type of retinal disease or condition globally, and a small percentage suffer from more than one disorder. Despite the availability of treatment for some retinal diseases, many sufferers remain untreated. Some may be unaware of their disease because their vision has not deteriorated to the point of recognition. Others may be aware but in the early stages of disease, when few treatment protocols are available. Many of these diseases are progressive and will ultimately threaten vision if left unchecked.

The highest rates of retinal disease are in Western Europe, Japan, and the US, where the elderly account for a larger share of the population. Rates are significantly lower but climbing in China, India, and countries in our Rest of World category, where life expectancies tend to be shorter and diabetes is less common. However, a rapid change in diet and lifestyle is bringing with it the problems common in wealthier nations. Limited access to advanced health care leaves many of these people with a loss of some or all of their vision due to lack of diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

The global retinal pharmaceutical market is dominated by four companies that collectively account for more than 82 percent of total revenues: Novartis/Alcon, Roche/Genentech, Regeneron, and Bayer Health.

Market Scope published its 2015 Comprehensive Report on the Global Retinal Pharmaceuticals & Biologics Market in September 2015. It remains the only source for accurate and relevant information on all aspects of the market. We cover prevalence and forecasts for retinal diseases and conditions. We discuss therapeutic approaches and mechanisms of action under investigation. We discuss the market dynamics for currently commercialized products and the rich and crowded pipeline of investigational therapies. We review patient-based economic issues and reimbursement and analyze treatment patterns and trends. We also forecast product demand in units and dollars, and we analyze market shares by product category. This report includes market data for 2014, and we forecast market performance through 2020. Our forecast also subdivides the cataract equipment market into eight geographic/economic analytic categories: the US, Western Europe, Japan, Other Wealthy Nations, China, India, Latin America, and Rest of World.


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