2017 Annual Survey of Refractive and Cornea Surgeons Report

In Market Scope’s Annual Survey of US Refractive Surgeons, we gather data on current practices and key trends in the refractive surgery market. Our survey is designed to improve your decision-making process by providing you with the most accurate assessment of the market and its future directions. Our approach includes trend analysis based on comparisons with information gathered in previous years. All information is presented in color charts and tables with concise narratives for enhanced clarity and context.

Since 2001, Market Scope has conducted annual surveys of US refractive surgeons on important issues regarding practice characteristics, product preferences, surgical techniques, and practice marketing. Our survey highlights practice patterns regarding laser vision correction and refractive lens exchange. We also ask refractive surgeons to rate manufacturers in the industry and their products and services. Leading ophthalmic firms and organizations sponsor the survey in order to better understand industry dynamics and gain important insights into surgeons’ experiences and preferences, as well as emerging trends.

We expand our quarterly refractive surgeon survey once per year to measure additional key metrics of the US refractive market.

Our 2017 survey report covers:

• Practice patterns for wavefront-guided ablation;
• Flap creation/surface ablation;
• Presbyopia treatment;
• Interest in SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction);
• Corneal cross-linking;
• Corneal inlays;
• Refractive lens exchange;
• Dry eye treatment regimens;
• Corneal transplants.
• In addition, our survey report will capture market share by manufacturer, product, and market segment, as well as ophthalmologists’ perceptions of companies.

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