Surgeon Interviews and Surveys

Market Scope has extensive experience in conducting specially designed surveys and telephone interviews of ophthalmologists. Typical projects include survey or interview design, selection of participants based on detailed criteria, completion of the survey or interview process, analysis of the data, and reporting of the results. Examples of recent projects include:

Telephone interviews of selected US ophthalmic surgeons in order to identify market needs for a new combo pharmaceutical for intra-operative use in cataract surgery.

Telephone interviews of ophthalmic laser users designed to measure perceptions of product quality, service, and sales support.

Paper-based survey of cataract surgeons designed to gauge the need for and pricing for a new disposable knife to be used in cataract surgery.

Coming soon

2018 Ophthalmic Laser Report: A Global Market Analysis for 2017 to 2023 (Photocoagulation, Photodisruption, and SLT